Ms. Teresa Yeung

Award Winning Author

Master Teresa Yeung shares a practical guide on how to Breathe IN Chi andHealing and Breathe OUT Negativity.

Master Teresa Yeung is an internationally recognized Master of Chi Gong, healer, and international bestselling author who speaks on how to achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual balance with Chi Gong.

She is the founder of Pureland International Qi Gong and The Seventh Happiness® School of Chi Gong, a certified private institution. She is the sole successor of Grand Master Weizhao Wu’s lineage. Wu, a distinguished Chi Gong master, educator and creator of the highly successful Wu’s Eye Qi Gong, helped millions of people.

Yeung is also approved by the USA National Certification Commission for Acupuncturists and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) as a continuing education professional development activity (PDA) provider. For more information, visit Pureland International Qi Gong or  Pureland Qi Gong Facebook

Chi or Qi is the energy that is also recognized as the life force that flows through life, or the ‘Tao’ force. Chi encompasses the dichotomy of yin and yang; the feminine and the masculine, cold and hot. Balance is a fundamental principle of Chi, or Qi. The practice of Chi Gong harmonizes the body and the flow of energy within the body and improves your equanimity and ability to remain centered and balanced. The regular practice of Chi Gong dissipates negativity and pessimism.

Excerpt from The Handbook to™ Holistic Health – H3


Breathe In Chi and Healing, Breathe Out Negativity – Ms. Teresa Yeung