Prof. Dr. Stanley Ngui

Award Winning Author

Prof. Dr. Stanley Ngui is the founder of NGUI-MATRIX ™, which is a clinical technique used to treat pain and other illnesses via the brain with one touch. He is the professor at large at the World Organization of Natural Medicine ™. Part of his day is spent in treatment at the NGUI style Integrative Medicine Clinic. Some of his accolades are PhD in traditional Chinese Medicine, Doctor of Integrative Medicine, Qi Gong grandmaster, member of North America Martial Arts of Fame and knight of the Sovereign Orthodox Order of the Knights Hospitaller of St John.

Ngui Style


This whole universe exists because of Qi. What is energy? Energy is anything that exists, whether it is physical or non-physical.

 Take the air around you, for example. You cannot see it, making it non-physical, non-visual, but you can feel it physically. Like Qi, air is both. There is a lot of energy you cannot feel, or that your senses are not aware of, but it does exist.

 In respect to the whole universe, the energy we are aware of is less than a dot. That means our visual spectrum, or our sensory spectrum, is less than a dot in this whole universe of the Qi that exists in the universe.

 Energy exists to sustain the universe. That’s what it is; that’s why the universe exists. Anything we talk about has to do with energy, whether it’s vibrational energy or static energy. In Western science, there are two distinctive orders of energy.

Excerpt from The Handbook to™ Holistic Health – H3


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