Dr. Sany Seifi

Award Winning Author

Dr. Sany Seifi has 3 major degrees in pharmacy, naturopathic medicine and doctor of natural medicine. She also has her PhD in natural and integrative medicine.

 She is in her mid 20s and loves to make people smile and spread love with positive energy. She is very passionate about fitness and workouts everyday at least for 2 hours. She loves to travel and enjoy seeing different parts of amazing nature.

 Find Dr. Sany on Instagram at @drsanyseifi or contact her at Sanyseifi@gmail.com



I don’t remember much about this, since I was only seven months old, but my family had told me when I was a baby, I got so sick that I was on life support. Doctors couldn’t do anything for me and decided to take me off all machines and let me die. When my dad got to the hospital, however, he argued with them and wouldn’t let them unplug me. He then stayed at the hospital and kept praying beside me. A day passed, then I opened my eyes and started laughing loud with delight. My grandmother told me this.

Excerpt from The Handbook to™ Holistic Health – H3


Never Give Up On You! – Dr. Sany Seifi