Raymond Harlall

Award Winning Author

Raymond Harlall owns several businesses and enjoys a six figure per year income doing what he loves. He is the author of three books, including co-authoring with New York Times best-selling author Dr. Brian Tracy. He is also the Award-Winning Author of “The Handbook to Financial Freedom by 30” foreword by New York Times best-selling author Mr. Raymond Aaron. He owns and operates a large transportation company; inclusive of a trucking company, an auto sale, a car-rental service, a taxi service and driving schools internationally.

Raymond is also a video-marketing coach, a motivational speaker, a philanthropist and a ‘Youtuber’ with over 1.3 million views with audiences in 224 countries. To watch over 100 of his Free Training Videos, visit his YouTube Channel by googling his name; ‘Raymond Harlall’.

Raymond’s passion, vision and mission; is to serve humanity and to give back by sharing his knowledge, skills and expertise. Specifically, he wants to share how you can stop working hard and start working smarter, so you can maintain perfect health, maximize wealth and ultimately, achieve peace of mind.

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My task in this chapter is to help you to transition from a difficult and unhealthy way of living to a truly purposeful life. The vast majority of people are victims of mental slavery. Specifically, your behaviour is a result of subliminal advertising, fulfilling the agenda and dreams of the super wealthy. How? Via billboards, radio and television advertisement to name the big ones. You fall into the trap set by mass media, leaving you wanting a celebrity-like lifestyle. In this chapter I hope to shed new light on how to take a more pivotal, positive and proactive approach to life—specifically as it pertains to your personal health, wealth and happiness.

Excerpt from The Handbook to™ Holistic Health – H3


My Journey to Health, Wealth and Happiness – Raymond Harlall