Raymond & Hailee Young

Award Winning Author

After going through a divorce and trying financial times, Raymond Young went on to build one of the largest network-marketing businesses in North America. His thirty-year career has focused on training, developing and mentoring individuals. He is responsible for inspiring thousands of people through conferences, seminars and public-speaking engagements.

Hailee Young is a young, female, entrepreneur who is passionate about health, wealth and animal welfare. Hailee started her career as a financial advisor at just 18-years-old and within her first year she became the youngest six figure earner in the company.

Since then, Hailee has now added two ventures, one is building a company with her father, Raymond that supports non-profits and the other being the managing director for The Bryan & Amanda Bickell Foundation. Hailee hopes that by sharing her passion for health and animals she can help make the world a better place.


As you are reading through this collaborative effort, I wanted to open our chapter—and I say “our,” as I have the wonderful opportunity to share this chapter with one of my four daughters—with the statement in the chapter heading. Hailee and I want to come from two perspectives, my perspective being thirty years in business, as a trainer and a coach, Hailee’s as a young millennial who already, at twenty-one, has been infinitely successful in her business and leadership journey.

Excerpt from The Handbook to™ Holistic Health – H3


Things Don’t Happen – People Make Things Happen! – Raymond & Hailee Young