Maricel Gonzales, RN

Award Winning Author

Maricel Gonzales, RN is a happy person with tons of high energy and a good soul. Her personality connects her so strongly with the people around her and to the people she works for. She is very passionate about making a difference and sharing her knowledge in elder care and mental health challenges.

Maricel’s humanitarian qualities, nursing background, physical therapy studies, extensive trainings and working in hospitals, mental institutions and big nursing homes in the Philippines and New Zealand, especially in advance dementia unit gave her a broad base on her approach for her chapter. Migrating to Canada gave her passion more life and meaning that fuelled it to be on fire.


I have always been interested in mental health, brain health, brain fitness and anything that has to do with the brain. My curiosity started when my grandfather was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease when he was seventy-eight. It took awhile for the whole family to notice he was suffering from Parkinson’s — not until his hand tremors were more frequent and stronger. My parents had no clue, because he did not complain about anything and symptoms were very mild. His postural instability made his symptoms more evident. He started hunching over and moving slower than usual. His feet seemed to be stuck on the floor every time he walked and his body became rigid. He seemed to be very sad most of the time or have a masked face expression, like most PD sufferers. My grandfather went downhill because of complications from other medical conditions and due to his advancing Parkinson’s.

Excerpt from The Handbook to™ Holistic Health – H3


Mental Muscle Fitness and Understanding Dementia – Maricel Gonzales, RN