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Josephine Marcellin, MBA, PMP is a formally trained Project Management and Finance Professional, with over 30 years’ experience working in the Financial Services Industry. After working multiple 16-hour days and many seven-day weeks, Josephine fell victim to Adrenal Fatigue and required over 4 months of recuperation. During that recuperation period, Josephine made a commitment to completely transform her lifestyle in the same way she transformed her clients’ businesses.

She became a raw vegan, incorporated mindfulness, yoga and increased movement in her daily practice, investigated ways to hack her sleep and gain greater depths of rest, as well as to fully understand the creation of an alkaline based ecosystem to fend off disease. Today, Josephine lives a joyful, healthy existence as a coach and mentor, helping others design a healthy balanced lifestyle that incorporates the principles she utilized to heal herself.

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Fasting has been practiced for centuries, in societies as ancient as the Greeks and in religions as old as Judaism. The purpose of these fasts varied. In the case of religious devotees, it was to engage in a deeper spiritual connection with God, or to practice the process of self-sacrifice, demonstrating that the mind and spirit were more powerful than the body. For other individuals, it was a method to rid the body of disease. By starving the body, it was found they could essentially heal themselves. 

Excerpt from The Handbook to™ Holistic Health – H3


Fasting: The Forgotten Cure – Josephine G. Marcellin,  MBA, PMP