Charles Tchoreret

Award Winning Author

Charles Tchoreret is an experienced Supply Chain Management and SAP MM Consultant. He is a graduate of the University of Leicester in the UK, with an MBA in supply Chain Management and from the University of North London, UK, with a BA honour in Applied Language Study. Charles is a certified member of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply in the United Kingdom.

Before he retired in 2010, he worked for one of the largest oil companies in the world, where he held various management positions in procurement, contracts management and logistics. and travelled to over 25 different countries. As a leader in his church, he holds a weekly small group fellowship in his house. He loves sports and he is a keep fit addict. He is fully bilingual in French and English and has a good understanding of Spanish. As part of his sporting activities, he previously trained children and young adults, in Kyokushin Kai karate.


Looking back on my career, I am grateful for and at the same time humbled by the great opportunities I have had to travel to various countries around the world.

 For twenty-five years I worked in the oil and gas industry as a professional supply-chain manager and SAP SCM consultant. My life was punctuated by regular business trips to various parts of the world. I worked in Gabon, Central Africa; in the Netherlands, Europe; in Nigeria, West Africa; and in Oman in the Middle East.

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